Sports Massage with Randy Pipes

When you hear the term "Sports Massage" do you automatically assume that type of massage is reserved for professional athletes? So did I until I sat down with Randy Pipes, an Oak Haven Massage San Antonio veteran with a decade of experience in Sports Massage. It turns out that Sports Massage is for anyone who is preparing to engage in a strenuous activity, or recovering from one. So if your brother has asked you to help him move next weekend, a Sports Massage would come in handy on Friday.

Sports Massage is designed to increase blood flow to an area of the body that needs to heal. "Blood is the river of life" says Randy, and increasing the blood flow through Sports Massage can decrease the healing time for a number of injuries including muscle strain, muscle soreness and even joint sprain. Sports Massage uses traditional Swedish massage techniques, compression, stretching and energy work. Compressions unique addition to Sports Massage will focus on one particular area. This causes the muscle your focusing on to relax and loosen. Stretching is used for both pre and post activity. The pre-event stretching helps the muscle to loosen and warm which will help prevent injury. Post-event stretching will help to reduce pain and speed up recovery time. The Muscle Energy Techniques (METs) used in Sports Massage is also used to relax and loosen the muscle. The METs technique has clients resists the therapist in an attempt to move the particular muscle causing resistance and in turn higher blood flow to that muscle.

Randy's love of Sports Massage has only grown in the last decade and has afforded him the opportunity to work on many professional athletes including ballers from the San Antonio Spurs. However his interest and introduction to Sports Massage can be attributed to his youngest son’s football career as a player at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After coaching football in middle and high school for almost 30 years, becoming a Massage Therapist afforded him the opportunity to to spend more time working with his son; a time in his life Randy was not going to miss.

So if you’re helping your brother move, running a 5k for charity or working out in the off season for the Spurs, try to work in a Sports Massage. Your muscles will thank you for it.

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