Hot Stone Massage at Oak Haven Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a technique that uses heated, smooth basalt stones as an extension of the Massage Therapist’s hands. This heat can be both deeply relaxing and penetrate the muscles, allowing for a deeper massage.

Hot Stone Massage is connected to ancient Mayan practices, but finds its true beginnings in India. Stones were placed on their bodies before rituals of health and protection. Hot Stone Therapy typically uses basalt stones, as they contain lead and are able to retain heat for long periods of time.

Ongoing conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome can all be helped using Hot Stone Massage. If you have ever gotten in a hot bath, sauna or Jacuzzi and felt your entire body relax, that's the same benefit you’re going to feel from a Hot Stone Massage. The stones and their warmth are going to penetrate the muscle and help to truly relax without the need for deep tissue work. Stones are covered in oil and used to massage the body prior to being placed in various areas on the body. Many times stones are left on the back, hands or feet as therapy is transitioned to other parts of your body.

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